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Episode Recap – Hart of Dixie – Zoe as Dr. Strangelove in “If Tomorrow Never Comes”

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Last week on Hard of Dixie, the City of Bluebell puts on performances of Shakespeare’s most iconic scenes. Initially, George and Zoe refuse to play Romeo and Juliet, but eventually they agreed to tak eon the roles, just to prove to everyone that they were over each other. We all know, however, that these two have undeniable chemistry. It’s only a matter of time that George will drop his mega-hot girlfriend (and Wade’s ex) Tansy.

Lemon and Wade also are taking over the town watering hole, the Rammer Jammer. But the two have helpless magic together and end up losing their staff days before opening.

Meanwhile, Brick decided to offer a week of free counseling to everyone in BlueBell and wound up helping the two most unlikely people, but in his effort to help others he learned a secret he had been keeping from himself.



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Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson) has a near-death experience choking on a donut on all things. In true Zoe-like fashion, she freaks out, noticing all the coupling around her. Will Bluebell’s hottest little doctor die alone?

Down the office, Zoe continues wigging out. She tells Brick that she’s afraid of dying alone. He’s seemingly preoccupied and seemingly doesn’t care – no surprise. To a twist, though, she finds that Jonah (Travis Van Winkle) is in the office and is taking over his uncle Brick’s patients.

Is the doc trying to push out our big-city gal? Not so much.


Jonah is carrying patient files, and Zoe continues to pry. In the process, he tells her she’ll feel like a fool when she finds out the patient he’s trying to protect – Brick. Turns out that his tumor may not be benign. Now, he’s getting surgery for a brain tumor.

And yes, Zoe manages to mess this up. I’m shocked she can keep her medical practice after disclosing all the details she does to the town. Almost immediately, Zoe goes to Shelby (Laura Bell Bundy) and hints that the surgery is risky and Brick might die. Unfortunately, the news has the opposite effect on his girlfriend. She panics, breaks things off for him in a note and leaves town. Brick never sees it.

Eventually, Zoe continues Shelby to come back. She goes to see Brick at the hospital. In true on-your-deathbed fashion, Brick apologizes for keeping the secret. He asks her hand in marriage. She accepts.

But should Brick really be marrying a woman who won’t stick around for sickness and in health?

Zoe tells Brick the truth, but it looks like Shelby beat her to the punch. He says he loves his girlfriend more than anyone will know and he wanted to put his cards on the table. Life is unpredictable and he should never have regret.


This inspires Zoe to profess her love interest in George (Scott Porter). The two have had amazing chemistry since she moved into town.

But after George broke things off with his then-fiancé, Lemon, Zoe said she wanted to wait. She didn’t want to be his rebound. She, then, fell for Wade and have since broken up with him, too. George is now with Wade’s quirky ex-wife, Tansy.

When Zoe reveals her true feelings, a flustered George yips at her. After all, Zoe was the one who drove him away to his new relationship. He says he’s moved on to a real relationship. Thing is, he must have some thang for our gal, as George put a sexual wedge between the doctor and fellow foxy physician Jonah.

Zoe is heartbroken. I guess this is one of those don’t-regret-this-moments that she does, in fact, regret.


After last week’s play and a bad case of bees in her home, Tansy moves in with George.

He quickly learns, though, that a girlfriend this hot comes with a lot of baggage – namely her family.

Tansy’s brothers ambush the two. A few awkward male-bonding hijinks later, I’m not quite convinced our classy lawyer is quite the perfect fit for the cutie country gal.

We’ll see how long these two last.


Lemon (Jamie King) and Wade (Wilson Bethel) continue to clash at the Rammer Jammer. After driving away their staff, the two are trying to figure out the right feel to the place. And it has the town’s panties in a twist.

New couple, mayor Lavon (Cress Williams) and Annabeth (Kaitlyn Black) argue about what direction is should go. Team Lemon wants a classy wine-tasting bistro, while Team Wade wants a sports bar. Lavon and Annabeth decide to not let the town watering hole not get in the way of their love for each other.

It turns out, the Rammer Jammer is the perfect fit for both places.

The only thing is where is real freaking life could that happen? Um, nowhere. Thanks, CW. As if the network isn’t unrealistic enough.

Anyway, Lemon and Wade decide to add on a new party room to the Rammer Jammer.

Being the blondes that they are, they hazily take on the task themselves – sledgehammers and all. Can teeny-tiny Lemon really lift one? I’d pay to see that.

While breaking down a wall to the storage room (cause any real business would never need one of those, right), the end up ruining the structural integrity of the building.

Let’s just hope the Rammer Jammer doesn’t fall to bits. Just like their dreams.



NEXT WEEK: A Bluebell ball. Not blue balls.