Episode Recap – Week 6 – Boxer Victor Ortiz eliminited from Dancing with the Stars

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After six weeks of competition, Sean Lowe, Andy Dick and Victor Ortiz were among the contestants on the chopping block.

Boxer Victor Ortiz and fellow Kansan, Victor Ortiz, was sent home by the fans.

Thank you, fans.

I sincerely doubt anyone enjoyed watching his lackluster personality and lackluster performances. I expected more from an athlete, but at the very least, he owned up to being the underdog.

Let’s just hope that his moves in the boxing ring are a little bit smoother.

Good job to new pro, Lindsay Arnold, for trying to whip him into shape.

For me, his best dance of the season was in Week 3, where he scored a 23 for a contemporary dance.

Next week, I expect Bachelor star & former Kansas State football player Sean Lowe will be eliminated. Like Bruno says, he has a promising future as an exotic dancer.