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Episode Recap – Smash – Jimmy fired from show, Kyle dies on “The Producers”

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“The long-awaited Broadway opening of ‘Bombshell,’ a musical about the life of Marilyn Monroe, seems to signal the beginning of the end of several relationships between main characters on ‘Smash,’ on NBC. The latest episode starts on the night before the opening, with Ivy Lynn (Megan Hilty) feeling fairly confident about playing Marilyn and swearing not to read or listen to early buzz about the show.”

– Written by Kathy Shwiff of Speakeasy/The Wall Street Journal


Kathy Lee Gifford , yes, THE of the NBC’s Today Show, visits the Bombshell cast for a lesson on how to Mambo, where Ivy teaches kids how to be a shining star on Broadway. But the glitz of Bombshell isn’t quite what it seams.


Though it’s off to a predictably rocky start, Bombshell is finally open for business. Now, Tom and Julia are looking for their next project. Tom (Christian Borle), as it turns out, is interested in directing a revival of “City of Angels” while Julia (Debra messing) has her heart set on “The Great Gatsby,” which is a project she’s had her eye on for years.

However, when Julia realizes she and Tom don’t have the same long-term goal, she pursues her dream. Now partnering with Scott Nichols (Jesse L. Martin) at Manhattan Theater Workshop. Interestingly, Nichols nearly ruined Julia’s career in the past, but they’ve put that all behind them. Tom isn’t pleased.

Ivy hosts a Bombshell event open to the public. While asking Tom and Julia questions, it’s obvious the tension is high. They treat each other poorly, offering short and conflicted answers. When an audience member asks “What’s your next project,” Tom answers “The Great Gatsby,” but Julia clarifies that she’s doing it on her own. They reveal they are no longer partners. Cue audience gasps!


On the cusp of another Broadway hit “Hit List,” Jimmy (Jeremy Jordan) and Karen (Katherine McPhee) are also struggling with their show. As we learned recently, Jimmy was a drug dealer and isn’t the best person in the world. Perhaps this explains his anger issues. Cause he clearly is still hanging on to them in this episode.

We start of the show with a big magazine shoot. Karen and her new Arch nemesis Ana. She poses with Karen in a spread for New York Magazine. Never have I seen someone hold a gun at a star, Miss Karen, so convincingly. Pretty sure Ana may get a real one eventually.

But it’s our Jimmy that puts a gun to the face of the show. He shows up to the photoshoot, seemingly high and more than two hours late. Now, the magazine says they’re bumping them to a small feature in the magazine just for the trouble.

Way to go, Jimmy. Isn’t this your dream? All of the hand-outs he’s getting and he can’t even be gracious about the whole deal.

It’s a bad deal for his eager musical-writing partner, Kyle Bishop (Andy Mientus), who truly is the brains in the operation.

Those brains don’t amount to much.


Jimmy continues to struggle with drugs and comes to the latest show high. He fails to meet his cues and in one scene, where Karen’s character is shot, he doesn’t catch her, possibly spraining her wrist.

Honestly, I was impressed that he could walk around without all those trippy Broadway lights and smoke machines.

Perhaps he’s a highly skilled druggy. Best performance of the night?

Between acts, he apologizes to Karen, who obviously realizes she picked the wrong man. It’s beyond pathetic to think that jerk-face director Derek (Jack Davenport) would be the better choice.

Regardless, the show was good and to most people, they didn’t think much of Jimmy’s dark and sidestepped performance.

But it doesn’t matter. Derek wants Jimmy out, as he warned him before the show.

Yes, my friends, Jimmy is fired. His bestie, Kyle, agrees.

Looks like Bombshell just knocked out its best competition by letting “Hit List” hang itself. The show will go on, but no investors are eager to pick it up. Too bad, Karen and Derek.


In the last second of the show, it appears that Kyle is hit by a car. Will he survive?

DIRECTED BY: Michael Morris

WRITTEN BY: Bathseba Doran and Noelle Valdivia


NEXT WEEK: Titled “The Phenomenon,” when a surprising incident occurs and connects “Bombshell” and “Hit List.