Episode Recap – Once Upon A Time – “The Evil Queen” is born, trapped by new villain in Storybrooke

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Since the episodes of Once Upon A Time have scenes flipping between the historic Fairytale Land and Storybrooke, I divided up my recap into both areas, just so you don’t have to jump all over the place to make sense of the story line.



* * * * * FAIRYTALE LAND * * * * *

Regina (Lana Parilla) sets out to kill Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin), and enlists the help of the town’s people. But nobody trusts her, because she’s already killed a town full of people.

Why doesn’t Regina threaten to kill them to make the plan go into action?

Instead, she seeks help of Rumplestiltskin (Robert Carlyle), Regina is able to evoke her dark magic and transform herself into a town’s folk, Wilma. In her frumpy getup, she seeks to get the trust of Snow.

Regina’s new identity, Wendy, gets into a heap of trouble in town and she’s sentenced to death. While the guards prep for her death, she is rescued by no-other than the woman who she hates the most: Snow White.

Snow takes care of Wendy. When Wendy asks why Snow would help a stranger, Snow White tells the story of a woman (Regina) who rescued her as a child. Her horse was running wild and Snow was moments from being thrown from it. Regina, an expert on a horse, saved the little girl.

A pretty touching moment. You have to wonder if Snow White knew whom she was dealing with.

Once Wendy is healed, they proceed throughout the forrest. Snow admits that she sees good in people, even Regina.

But the feel-good moment doesn’t last long, because Snow and Wendy (err, Regina) stumble upon the dozens of people Regina killed for protecting Snow.

Snow White breaks down, now saying she was wrong.

Wendy says, “Well, what about the time she rescued you from the horse.”

Um, hello, Wendy, she never mentioned Regina’s name.

Snow connects the dots and puts an arrow to Regina’s (well, technically Wendy’s face.)

Regina tries to use her powers, but realize they’re gone. She runs away.

Back at the castle, she can’t get in, but once she finds Rumplestiltskin, she admits to him that he’s right. The town will only see her as evil.

Hence, the Evil Queen is born.

* * * * * STORYBROOKE * * * * *

Regina confronts Henry, telling him that Emma, David (Josh Dallas) and Mary Margaret have been lying to him. They’ve been growing magic beans and plan to use them to take you all away and leave me behind, she says.

Henry (Jared Gilmore) tries to defend the group’s actions and tells Regina that she is evil and he would never want to be a part of her life.

It doesn’t matter, though, cause Regina takes his memory away of the whole encounter.

What a waste of a TV scene, ABC.

* * * * *

Emma bumps into Tamara (Sonequa Martin-Green) at the diner.

Tamara has a list of all the people of Storybrooke and their fairytale characters. Emma freaks out, though, why? The towns people know who they are, and once they leave town, they forget their identities.

Geez, chief Swan. Make better use of your time.

During their encounter, Emma says she’s concerned about Henry and her ex/Tamara’s fiancé, Neal (Michael Raymond-James).

Tamara says, “You can trust me.”

Famous last words.

Emma with her superpower of knowing the truth, realizes that Tamara is lying. Is she the woman August was warning her about before? (Well, yes, we know that answer. It’s true.)

* * * * *

Emma shares the info with Mary Margaret, but she warns Emma that her superpowers aren’t necessarily reliable. Funny. When it comes to instincts, Emma is generally dead on. Mary Margaret warns Emma with sharing this information with Henry, as it will get his hopes up.

Too late. Henry overhears. Now, she enlists the help of her son to find the truth.

Operating Preying Mantis is on.

* * * * *

Emma and Henry break into Neal and Tamara’s place, only to get caught by Neal.

Emma explains her theory that Tamara isn’t who she says she is. “I think she’s playing you. I think she’s the she August was telling you…she has a list of who everyone is.”

Neal explains that he made that list for her, so she could come to grips with their complex world.

Emma finds a potential hiding place for Tamara’s good, but nothing is there.

* * * * *

Meanwhile, Captain Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) goes to Regina for help, to get some sort of “trigger.” I had to rewind the DVR twice, and I’ll admit this still confuses me.

Whatever this device is, Regina hid it in the bowels of the universe… aka, a cave.

En route to the cave, Regina spots her late mother’s bracelet on Hook. She demands Hook give the bracelet back to her.

Now, in the real world, people would naturally just do this.

Hook argues that he’s more of a friend to Cora (Barbara Hershey) than Regina ever was. But he still gives her the bracelet.

In the cave, this trigger is protected by a bird-like-human-like-mockingjay-like-something-demon. She pushes Hook into a ravine to distract it while she searches for this trigger.

Ouch. Pass the bandaids.

Regina gets what she needs. She leaves Hook behind.

* * * * *

As Regina gets out of the cave, she finds Hook waiting for her.

Hello, The Prestige!

Let’s just say our Captain is pretty ticked.

He has his buddies, Tamara and Greg (Ethan Embry), who are now Team Anti-Magic. (Um, I’m pretty sure Tamara has black magic too. She just seems evil like that.)

* * * * *

Davis, Mary Margaret and Leroy/Grumpy (Lee Arenberg) head out to the woods, where they discover their magic beans are missing.

Maybe someone wanted to make soup?

* * * * *

Regina tries to fight them with magic, but she realizes she has no power.

Turns out the bracelet is laced with something that stops her powers.

Damn accessories.

The group then bags Regina.

I’d like to see her face turn up on a milk carton.

WRITTEN BY: Jane Espenson and Christine Boylan


NEXT WEEK: Titled “Second Star to the Right,” where evil Regina faces evil Tamara.



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