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Episode Recap – The Following – The fatal truth in ‘The Final Chapter,’ 2 main characters die

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To avoid the FBI, Joe escapes the hideout house by fleeing to a local couple’s home. Claire, Jacob and Emma join him. Though, during a weird dinner, cops distract the bad guys, Claire hits Joe (James Purefoy) in the head and Claire (Natalie Zea) and the random couple escape. Not for long, though, as the group manages to whisk her back. Joe then takes her on a boat. Sounds like a good way to get caught.

After Jacob (Nico Tortorella) declares his love for Emma (Valorie Curry), she admits she has two loves in her life: Joe and Jacob. Unfortunately, love does conquer all. Emma slits Jacob’s throat. I guess we truly know where her heart is.

While the mayhem ensues, Detective Deborah Parker (Annie Parisse) is captured by Joe’s followers. Parker is buried alive, but with her cell phone. Will she escape by the finale? We shall see!


A masked Poe shows up at FBI headquarters, but low and behold, it’s just a little boy who Emma paid $20. The mask holds a message.

Really, Emma? Just $20 to get the job done? I bet the kid would’ve settled for $5.

A phone number is inside the mask. Turns out, it’s the phone number to Detective Parker. Umm, shouldn’t the FBI have her digits by now? Perhaps it’s a trick. Or the phone is rigged.

When Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) and the FBI call the number, Parker answers. Scared. Short of breath.

“Please hurry.”

No, guys. Grab a pizza and fill up for gas on the way.

Parker says she doesn’t remember the events leading up to the site where she’s buried, in a coffin.

Through bits of details, like the fact she crossed a railroad track, may lead the guys her way. The team expects she has three to five hours of air.


Claire is off at a lighthouse with Joe.

Neil Meyer is a man at the lighthouse or trapped at the lighthouse? I dunno. Claire runs into him. She explains who she and Joe are, and the guy says “He’s going to kill us. Isn’t he?”

Smart dead man, eh. Oh Kevin Williamson, your writing astounds me. 😉

Claire tries to help the man, but silly damsel, tricks are for kids.


Hardy and FBI’s Mike Weston (Shawn Ashmore) find a guy out in the woods, Alex, one of Carroll’s followers. They beat him pretty bad, even stabbing him in the eye.

He’s the “pixie cut” person they beat up in the promos. Too bad. I was halfway hoping it was Emma.

Now Hardy is in a race against time. They have the follower with them. While in route to get Parker, they make a call to her. Parker then tells Ryan to call her family.

Why can’t the FBI use a tracking device to find Parker with her cell phone?

They pull over a burial site.

While digging, the follower yells “you better hurry.”

My thoughts: why weren’t the followers clever enough to make the device triggered by a bomb, like CSI: Las Vegas did in the Season 5 finale with Nick Stokes buried alive. His grave was triggered by his weight, and if he got out, it would explode.

They find Detective Parker. Dead.

“That’s too bad. Bummer,” the follower yells.

Ryan then puts a bullet to that guy’s head.

Well played.

They then find a note from Joe, a storyline of what happens that day. Most of the details are accurate, but Mike should have died according to Joe.

Just goes to show every story has an editor. And this time, Ryan may have the delete button.


Joe asks Claire about when she knew he was a killer.

When you were arrested, she says.

And that’s when Joe realizes that in that moment, that’s when she fell for Ryan.

Um, duh? Dude, she already admitted to sleeping with him. Get over it, buddy.

Claire feels guilty about not being able to stop Joe, but to prove his serial-killing ways, Joe takes the innocent lighthouse guy, Neil, and stabs him to death – right in front of Claire.

I’m responsible for my own actions, Joe declares.

Well, yeah, Mr. Angry Pants. We get it. But if you didn’t have a knife or a temper, perhaps she could’ve kept you occupied. You know, with a game of Scrabble or something.


Ryan gets into a heated argument with Mike. The note Joe left behind has basically a map of what to do next.

We know Ryan will live, at least to get to Claire. Cause the ultimate reasoning behind this final chapter is to get Ryan to witness Claire’s death, right in the hands of the woman they both love.

Poetry, that Joe. True poetry.

Anyway, Ryan shoots at Mike, saying too many people have died trying to protect him.

Yes, Ryan, if you and Claire didn’t exist, I’m certain a lot more people would live.

But that’s beside the point.

Ryan meets up with Little Miss Pixie.

“Down on your knees. Hands on your head,” Emma instructs Ryan. “If you want to see Claire again, this is the only way.”

It’s all a distraction, though, as a fellow follower tranquilizes Ryan.


Ryan awakes to Joe and Claire.

Joe says Ryan only found an unfinished novel in Detective Parker’s grave because they are writing the final chapter now.

“When did you fall in love with Claire,” Joe asks Ryan.

Again, for a teacher, Joe doesn’t retain much information. Didn’t they examine this in episodes one and two, when Joe was interrogated in prison.

Joe deduces that Ryan followed Claire, not Joe’s intriguing and disturbing behavior.

This strikes a chord with Claire, which is bizarre. Since when did an ex-wife believe in a serial killers psycho-babble?

Hunny, let him go. Believe the kinda-sorta-FBI agent who’s supported you from day one.

Joe attacks Claire with a knife.

Ryan tells Joe it’s a stupid move, as it’s predictable. Joe stops. You need to write a better story, Ryan says.

Ryan then goes on, saying that Edgar Allen Poe was a pathetic man, “and so are you.”

Joe attacks Ryan with the knife. Ryan then shoots at Joe.

Sir Ryan, why did you not do that before? In the weaponry world of rock-paper-scissors, gun beats knife.


Joe flees the lighthouse, running into a cabin in the woods.

Of course, Ryan runs after him. Cause the man is an idiot. I’d just light that place on fire and call it a day.

Joe attacks Ryan. They duke it out, with the gun going off and lighting gas tanks on fire.

They seem trapped.

And all I can think is when will Ryan’s pacemaker fail. I’m certain his behavior wouldn’t be good for his heart.

The cabin explodes.

Hours later, the team finds pieces of a body. Is it Joe’s?

Claire talks to her son on the phone. Joe is dead. Or so I hope.

But I wouldn’t put it past Kevin Williamson to string this out a bit further.

His shows, after all, are all about a love triangle.

Granted, I never see Claire falling in love with Joe again, but never say never.

Or at least don’t write it.

Cause Joe Carroll will.


It appears Joe’s followers are mad. While Ryan and Claire celebrate their victory, Ryan’s ex-girlfriend, Molly (Jennifer Ferrin) appears in the apartment. She does have a key to the place. (Who lets an ex have a key to their crib. Dumb former-FBI friend.)

A knife Ryan had place down is missing. It’s in Molly’s hands, who surprises him from behind. She stabs him in the stomach. Claire returns to the kitchen to get dinner. Molly stabs Claire.

Love is a bitch.


Claire and Ryan will survive this one, but they will face troubles from Joe’s followers. I know the FBI confirmed Joe’s death, but I would love to see him live on somehow. Maybe it’s a ruse, like Joe’s followers just say he died, when he’s very much alive. Or perhaps Joe wrote the story in great detail and everything comes to play, just like a true poet.

DIRECTED BY: Marcos Siega

WRITTEN BY: Kevin Williamson


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