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Episode Recap – Hart of Dixie – George dumps Tansy, but will he go for Zoe?

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Brick (Tim Matheson) announces to his daughters that he and Shelby (Laura Bell Bundy) are engaged. Lemon (Jaime King) and Magnolia (Claudia Lee) are not impressed. When Lemon asks, “How did this happen?” He explains it was while he was getting a tumor removed at the hospital.

Way to cloud the proposal with your crappy relationship, Dr. Breeland

And by the way, he wasn’t a brain tumor. Just a benign mass. So everyone exhale.

To get back at daddy, Magnolia goes and gets a nose piercing, which gets her kicked out of going to prom – or at least for getting tickets.

Magnolia tells her dad that Shelby gave her stamp of approval on it. Shelby admits she did kinda-sorta give the OK, but really it was out of ignorance.

Yes, Shelby, we know you’re stupid. Don’t flaunt it.

Step-mommy-to-be goes to have a talking to the younger Breeland. Perhaps she’ll be snot-nosed-gem-free by the end of the night.


Zoe (Rachel Bilson) apologizes to George (Scott Porter) about confessing her love to him last night. She drops by his place, giving him some booze.

Cause nothing says friendship like booze.

She also tells George that she’ll online dating. Geez, how 90’s of her.

On the dating website, Zoe acts more like the doctor she is – clueless and very thorough. Online, men only want one thing, sweetie. Well, they want the same thing in person too.

Rose (McKaley Miller) helps Zoe revamp her profile. Hello, dating.

Unfortunately, Zoe finds out that a stud on her dating site turns out to be a schmoe in Bluebelle. Not exactly giving her much hope. And as the school prom and other family events loom, our doc is feeling mighty lonely.

To make matters worse, Zoe is a third wheel to Rose and Max’s (Nicholas Podany) date. But, it’s all a ruse. The two set Zoe up with Max’s dad, Michael.

Like father, like son. Michael is just as awkward as his kid. He cuts the night short on Zoe to chaperone the prom.


Wade (Wilson Bethel) hires help cheap help to help repair damages at the Rammer Jammer, but the guys bail on Wade and now he and Lemon are up the creek.

Lemon goes to daddy Breeland for help, but Shelby insists that Lemon learn how to stand on her own two feet – hell, she’s been doing alright thus far. Not too bad of a move.

The only thing is that Brick writes Lemon a check anyway. Shelby finds out, and rightfully, she’s upset.

Trust – never lose it or your relationship will stop before it starts.

Not a good first move for a newly engaged couple.

Lavon (Cress Williams) offers to loan Lemon the money to get the bar back in order. Lemon admits maybe Shelly is right.

But that doesn’t matter. Even though Lavon is with Annabeth (Kaitlyn Black), he still feels for Lemon. Instead of loaning her money, Lavon offers both Lemon and Wade physical labor. The town’s folk come over to help patch up all the repairs at the bar.


Zoe decides to go to prom and give Michael a chance. He is, after all, the complete opposite of the guys she normally dates.

Once Michael makes wind of Zoe’s interest, he cuts her off.

“I’m not interested.”


Michael says he went on a date with Zoe because the kids forced him.

“I don’t want drama. You are drama.”

Word. She is on the CW, dude.

When they stop dancing, he walks off, and she shouts at him like a drunk.


Then, fellow chaperone Tansy (Mircea Monroe), who isn’t too thrilled that Zoe stirred things up with George, goes up to Zoe and yells “homewrecker.”

The two get into a shouting match.

“Again, drama,” Michael says. “You’ve got to go.”

Zoe storms out.

Seems like our gal fits into high school more than she thinks. (She was dumped by her boyfriend at her high school prom, mind you. Zoe 0, Prom 2)


George chases Tansy as she storms out of prom. She admits nothing will be right if she’s in the same place as Zoe.

She suggests that since they live in a boat, they should sail away from Bluebell and Zoe.

George breaks things off with Tansy.

Finally a chance to be with Zoe.

But of course, Zoe is a woman who has imperfect timing.

She goes to Wade and asks him to make her happy.

Cause nothing is happier than a booty call in Bluebell.

I’m certain that George will find her in bed with Wade next week, just like last season’s finale.

DIRECTED BY: Janice Cooke

WRITTEN BY: Donald Todd


NEXT WEEK: The finale, titled “On the Road Again.”