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LIVE BLOG – RECAP – American Idol Top 3, Candice rocks it out!

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We are down to the final three ladies this week on American Idol.

On Wednesday, Kree, Angie and Candice performed three songs, which were selected by the vocal mentor Jimmy Lovine, the judges, and the overall production.


Kree Harrison
“Perfect” by Pink

She sang the song nicely overall, with her warm vocals shining through, said Nikki Minaj. However, many agree she has such a strong performing prowess. Perhaps she held back?

Candice Glover
“One” by U2

She totally belted this one and knocked it out of the park. I love her range and those trills. “The third time is definitely going to be a charm for you,” judge Randy Jackson said, referring to her trying out for the show three times.

Angie Miller
“Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word” by Elton John

I wish Angie would have been behind a piano, but it definitely would have put a dip into her overall performance. She held back some notes, making it a bit more emotional. A little wispy. Kind of nice.


Candice Glover
“Next to Me” by Emeli Sandé

After a montage of a the town-home visit during the competition, many people felt moved by Candice’s talent… and how it’s taken her from her less-than-fortunate roots.

“When you started it, those opening lyrics was a clear-cut confession of your man,” said judge Keith Urban. You have come up singing in this competition, said judge Nikki Minaj. Nikki started choking up while speaking to her. Wow!

Angie Miller
“Try” by Pink

Massachusetts-native Angie takes a trip home after the tragedy in Boston. She arrives, much like the rest of the contestants, to hundreds of people. They all perform to huge crowds, ride in parades and more. She admits it’s incredible seeing all the “Boston Strong” signs.

What’s with the second pink song? At least it’s to a different girl. I love seeing Angie rock it out to something a little more pop-ish, though we all aren’t fooled: her strongest asset is her piano-playing-and-singing ability. The only thing about a song like this is that I feel it’s a little too karaoke. She made it her own, which separates her from most who would sing it. I loved her movement with the song. She was free and had some fun working the crowd. That’s what we’re paying for, Angie. Keith Urban says it’s a bold move for her not to play the piano – twice – for the evening. Nikki reiterates: You believe every single word. She looks beyond comfortable. It was nice.

Kree Harrison
“Here Comes Goodbye” by Rascal Flatts

I love the party by the fire pit on Kree’s hometown visit. Kree and her sister went to visit their childhood home, which is difficult for the two, who don’t have their parents. Her arrival was highly emotional – perhaps the most of all the girls. It seems like the two have been through so much, losing their parents before they were adults. She rides a bull while home. Kind of tacky, right? Her hometown concert was ridiculously huge.

Her song was strong. Very country. Beautifully executed. This round was much better than her first. “This is one of your best performances to date because you felt every word,” said Minaj. “There is a realness… there is something so real about you, nobody can take from you. No matter what happens,” Mariah said. “You had me from beginning to end. God bless you,” said Keith.


Angie Miller
“Maybe” by Emeli Sandé

It’s lovely to see Angie back at the piano. It’s her strength and a great go-to for her future performances. Very Alicia Keys.

Kree Harrison
“Better Dig Two” by The Band Perry’s

I like Kree’s performance, but it still feels very held back. It’s very country-rock, but it wasn’t out-of-the-ballpark like others she’s performed. Strange that the show picked this as her song for this round. I say it’s rigged.

Candice Glover
“Somewhere” from West Side Story

She knocked this one out of the ballpark. “Four words: See you next week,” Minaj said. All the judges praised her performance.

Overall winner of the night, for me, was Candice Glover. She really knows how to belt out her songs and has a lot of control. Though, I definitely have a soft spot for Angie.

It’ll be great to see who survive Thursday night’s elimination.

Next week is the finals. Who will make it to the finale?

America, it’s your call. This is your Idol!