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90210 Series Finale Recap – Liam’s romantic proposal, a star dies, & 1 couple reunites

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Last week on 90210:

A stage falls on Adriana after an emotional performance of an original song she wrote. And Silver is brought into the doctor’s office, where it looks like she’s being diagnosed with cancer. Naomi makes a deal with Jordan’s mom, giving him the freedom to do whatever he wants – as long as she’s not it his life.

* * * * *

Here we are with the series finale of 90210 version 2.0, and I must admit, I’m sad to see this ride come to an end. This cast of characters is among my favorite on a current CW series. True, the storylines may be a bit far-fetched – I mean, how many teenagers do you know that want to have a surrogate child? But this franchise has done well with the help of it’s talent, and so here we go. This is my take on the series finale of the kids of West Bev.

* * * * *

We start right where we left off, with an explosion at the Spencer Blaine Tribute performances, where Adriana (Jessica Lowndes) had an emotional performance on stage. (I love the fact that Lowdnes is actually singing her own parts.) At the end, there is an explosion and the stage collapses on her.

Navid (Michael Steger) is inside and witnesses the fall. He rushes to A, but will she be saved? I’m guessing she will, but this series finale will likely have one death. My bet is Silver (Jessica Stroup). She’s never had great odds.

Eventually everyone is summoned to the triage/rescue area at the concert, and yes, this includes our beloved Liam (Matt Lanter) who was en route to Australia. He tells his girlfriend that he feels like he left something behind. Um, duh? Annie

Navid is in the triage area, but when he realizes Adriana is still in the rubble, he runs in to rescue her.

The only thing is that our smart guy is pretty dumb. He’s likely going to cause a collapse.

While he’s here with her, Adriana shows a lot of growth. She says she’s OK, and she’s glad Michaela (Lyndon Smith) isn’t stuck under the rubble. “It’s a good thing she got stage fright,” she said.

To which Navid catches her up to speed. Michaela bailed because she miscarried the baby.

Immediately, Adriana calls Silver to offer her sympathies.

Their phone call is interrupted by Silver’s doctor calling her.

Silver has cancer.

* * * * *

Naomi (AnnaLynn McCord) whips together a benefit concert to help the victims of the collapse. Wow, what a girl can do in just a few hours. Unrealistic.

And the Goo Goo Dolls are there.

Friggin’ unrealistic.

While in the rubble, Navid and Adriana realize there is a gas leak. Not good.

Naomi’s concert is preventing firefighters from getting to them. Even more not good

You can always depend on our little PR gal to have a major oversight. (Now, this is very realistic.)

* * * * *

Jordan and his mom swing in, and he’s found a way to put her under his thumb for once. Way to go. He makes a deal that basically gets him in good with mom and get him together with Naomi. They are heading to Washington, D.C.

Naomi snags a functional relationship? Whoa. This is a finale.

* * * * *

Dixon (Tristan Wilds) has a moment with Silver, comforting her with the knowledge that she won’t have a baby.

“You could consider adoption and get lucky and have a kid like me… or stuck with one like me,” he jokes.

Then Silver bursts into tears.


He then tells her to keep fighting until she can’t do it anymore. I love it.

“For the record, I would be really lucky to have a son like you,” she replies.

She walks away, throwing out her cancer meds.

* * * * *
While rescuing Navid and Adriana, there is a problem.

Crews rescue Adriana. Then, there’s a secondary collapse.

They are able to pull him out. Thank God.

* * * * *

Annie decides to make way to Paris. She hitches a ride with Jordan and Naomi on their way to Washington. Annie bids farewell to her younger bro. Aww, bye-bye Dixon.

The plane is on the jetway, ready to take off… and as they depart, Liam zooms by on his motorcycle and stops them.

Again, unrealistic.

But when Annie rushes out, yipping at him, Liam says he wants to be the guy in her book, riding up on his bike and knowing exactly what he wants.

So he whips out an engagement ring.

Annie says yes.